How to Prepare Your Pool For a Party

How to Prepare Your Pool For a Party

How to Prepare Your Pool For a Party

If you are wanting to take advantage of the amazing summer weather by throwing a fun pool party, you should make sure your pool is ready for your guests. This means more than just hanging decorations and getting out the chairs and umbrellas. You need to be sure your pool water is safe and clean. It is a good idea to call a pool maintenance service in Cumming to handle this, but here is a look at what should be done.


The pool needs to be shocked about a week prior to your party. The amount used should be carefully measured. It is based on the amount of water in your pool and the type of pool shock you are using. This will help get rid of algae growth and clear up the water. Any chemical use is best left to the professionals because too much chemical could cause serious health effects for pool users. So, you may want to at least check with a pool maintenance service in Cumming before trying to shock your pool on your own, especially if you have never done it before.


You also may want to treat the water to get rid of skin oils, hair and other pollutants that end up in the water after people have been swimming. After heavy use, a pool can begin to develop an oily layer on top, which is not something anyone wants to jump into. So, you can use enzymes to help get rid of organic matter that is bringing down the quality of your pool water.


Before the party, it can help to add in a clarifier. This will help cut down on the haze your water may develop with a lot of use. If you have a smaller filter, it acts as a helper and can prevent your fitler from overworking or not being able to properly sanitize the water. It will also brighten the water and ensure any haze or dullness is removed.